The new version of BMW M340i M Performance

January 30, 2015 at 21:49

Recently the possible variant of the BMW M340i M Performance was caught by paparazzi.
Mysterious prototype of the BMW 3-Series was caught by correspondent’s camera during testing leading in Spain.
The body of the new car resembles now at the well-known model 335i, but it can be characterized by new improved brakes system with yellow calipers. Now there will be no available option on the car 3-Series with such a type of braking system, which means that this model may be a future variant of the car M340i M Performance.
Presumably, the sports car will reveal an extreme version of the modification 340i, which will appear on the restyled 3-Series and will replace the 335i.

BMW M340i M Performance pics

BMW M340i M Performance picture

As our sources have said, it is obvious that the M340i M Performance will be equipped with a new three-liter engine B58B30M0 with capacity 365 horse powers – 375 horse powers. The model is very likely to join a number of 3-Series in 2015, when the company will made cosmetic repairs of M340i M Performance compete with the C450 AMG from Mercedes-Benz, it will be ready to be presented probably this year.

BMW M340i M Performance pics

BMW M340i M Performance image

Perhaps this version of the new 340i will replace the current model 335i in 2015. We’ll see.

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