Timo Glock Tested the New Car of the Company – BMW M3 DTM

January 25, 2013 at 09:43

It is not a surprise to get to know that the cars get to be tested, but by whom is always the secret, as the people most of the time remain unknown. But the BMW company decided to invite a celebrity to test the car BMW M3. Former F1 driver Timo Glock, who recently broke the relationship and contract with the team Marussia, on Thursday in Valencia proceeded to test BMW M3 DTM cars, and after the first run of the car he shared feelings, which the car gave for him through the new management techniques.

racing cars and BMW M3 DTM

Image of the racing cars and BMW M3 DTM

“I have long advocated in racing on the open-wheel cars, and of course, for me, it was unusual to see a roof over my head – said Glock. – Fortunately, I quickly acclimated. The team of BMW Motorsport received me very warmly, especially since I know many of the staff since the last events of the last time.” All in all, the F1 driver gave the needed reviews, which we will present after the official BMW company release.

BMW M3 DTM during the test

Photo of the BMW M3 DTM during the test

In 2007, the driver Glock has collaborated with a team of BMW in Formula 1, becoming its mid-season test driver instead of Sebastian Vettel. In general, the German driver was satisfied with the first day of testing in the DTM, although he admitted that it is not easily felt until the end of all, meaning the details of the machine control grade Touring.

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