Updated BMW 3-series challenges Jaguar XE part II

February 20, 2015 at 17:09

The new units bring a reduction in curb weight, improved crash protection and fuel economy. Although the all-wheel drive models 2-series Active Tourer new engines are designed for transverse installation, the updated rear-wheel drive 3-Series will set their traditionally longitudinally.
Compact units with three-cylinder 1.5-liter, codenamed B37 and B38 have already been confirmed for use in 2-series Active Tourer and the 218i Coupe. They also replace the existing 2.0-and 1.6-liter engines in the models 316d and 316i.

Updated BMW 3-series picsUpdated BMW 3-series image

Updated BMW 3-series picsUpdated BMW 3-series image

Diesel delivers 114 hp at 4000 rev / min and 270 Nm of torque from 1750 rev / min. Power is the same as that of the engine which it replaces, and torque of 9.5 Nm over.
Entry-level petrol engine develops 134 hp at 4500 rev / min and 220 nm from 1250 rev / min – the same as the 4-cylinder precursor.

Updated BMW 3-series picture

Updated BMW 3-series pics

A more powerful version of the 3-cylinder petrol unit develops 228 hp at 5800 rev / min and 320 nm from 3700 rev / min. However, for the 3-series it is not yet confirmed.
Photospies hitting the streets of Munich, the updated sedan and Touring fifth-generation 3-series received a number of subtle exterior tweaks. They include a new front bumper and slightly modified headlights, emphasizing the car’s width.

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