Use of Carbon Dioxide Instead of Coolant in BMW

March 17, 2013 at 09:40

The new developments in the BMW concern are not asking the fans to wait. That is why almost every second article on our portal is somehow connected to the new developments of the company, and today we will talk about one of them. In January 2017 year the European carmakers have to go to use instead of refrigerant with a GWP (global warming potential) of 1300, to the refrigerants with a GWP of car, no more than 150. One unit is the reference gas – CO2.

new concept car from BMW

Image of the new concept car from BMW

Some time ago, DuPont proposed using gas R1234yf, its rate is only 4, but he did not pass the test of security of the flaming condition. To improve the unite, the companies Daimler, BMW, VW, Audi and Porsche decided to develop a cooling system operating with carbon dioxide.

red BMW car with smart transmision

Image of the red BMW car with smart transmision

CO2 is available everywhere and is cheap, non-toxic, non-flammable and very effective. No complexity of its use is in the unit only that the pressure used in the system should be 3-5 times greater than in the current system, but this is not a problem for the developers nowadays. Currently, there are two alternatives to the use of carbon dioxide, it is refrigerant R152a (with a GWP of 154) and R1234yf (with a GWP of 4), the first of which ignited even more quickly than the other so replacing them with decent unit can not be considered and should be in the short run.

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