The BMW Group has upgraded 6-Series

January 4, 2015 at 23:18

The latest generation of the BMW 6-Series has been updated for the new model year and is preparing for its world debut, scheduled for the Detroit Auto Show, which opens its doors in January this year. The changes affected the exterior of the car and to a lesser extent affected its technical stuffing, and only marginally affected the interior decoration. Expected date of commencement of sales trends – the first quarter of this year, the cost of cars will be announced later.
To identify the latest model of “six” will be possible by the redesigned front bumper, rear bumper another form, a slightly modified radiator grille and updated headlamps with LED running lights. To paint finishes are available five new shades. Six-cylinder version will be equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels and eight-get 18-inch wheels. For a fee you can order a 20-inch wheels and a full LED headlights with automatic high beam with a nearby one. Inside, improved the quality of materials and finishes offered customers new skin tones, as well as an optional two-tone design and the latest projection display.

BMW 6-Series 2015 pics

BMW 6-Series 2015 image

The new BMW 6 Series will become more powerful and easier

December 29, 2014 at 22:29

There are a few years before the release of a completely new generation of the BMW 6 Series, but some information is already seeping into the network.
Recently we wrote about the restyling of the family of the BMW 6-series, and a brand new car will appear only in 2017. On the exterior it is too early to judge, it is not yet fully approved, and the image above is only a fantasy. But precisely it can be argued that the new “six” receive the latest platform 35up, which is preparing to debut a new generation 7 Series.
The new platform is characterized by reduced weight, and it is expected that the BMW 6-series will feel better: if the current machine has a curb weight of about 1840 kg, the new “lose weight” to 1580-1600 kg. Relief provided by the extensive use of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and carbon fiber.

new BMW 6 Series pics

new BMW 6 Series picture