BMW i8 after AC Schnitzer tuning

October 14, 2017 at 12:35

AC Schnitzer German studio brought the modified hybrid BMW i8 version to the Nordschleife to prove that their coupe is faster than other i8 models. Nevertheless, the result of the fastest lap is not too impressive, it is 8: 19.8. The tuning studio said that Bavarian coupe joined the famous group of supercars equipped by more powerful engines, although BMW’s power unit is not much different from the standard car.

BMW i8 tuning from AC Schnitzer studio pic

BMW i8 tuning from AC Schnitzer studio pic

Tuners from Metro Wrapz made Austin Mahone’s BMW I8 older

January 17, 2017 at 19:45

Maybe not everyone knows who Austin Mahone is; he is a young American singer which became famous due to his video blog on YouTube. And though the first success came to a guy not long time ago, in 2012, there is already a place for unique hybrid BMW i8 in his garage.

Tuned BMW I8 pic

Tuned BMW I8 pic

Tuners from GSC made BMW I8 sportier

November 19, 2016 at 18:42

Tuners of the studio German Special Customs decided that hybrid sports car BMW i8 presented in 2013 in Frankfurt differs a little from its forerunner – concept BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics, shown four years earlier. So they decided to make the car a bit sportier, adding a new front bumper with imitation of air intakes and splitter. Front panel made of carbon fiber will become 2.8 kg lighter than the standard.

2017 Sporty BMW I8 by GSC tuners photo

2017 Sporty BMW I8 by GSC tuners photo

In Italy BMW’s anniversary was brightened by i8 Concept

June 15, 2016 at 20:42

The representatives of BMW Company in conjunction with Garage Italia Customs studio admitted that they thought about a joint project for a while and an opportunity to realize this idea turned up just now. An Italian Company, familiar with Fiat star cars and other eccentric projects, converted a BMW i8 hybrid version to an art object. The show car was named as I8 Futurism Edition. This concept has got only one copy dedicated to the 50th anniversary of BMW’s presence on the Italian market. The debut of the car was at the headquarters in Munich. There were presented Adrian van Hooydonk, the Head of BMW Group Design, as well as Lapo Elkann, head of the Milan studio. The chiefs announced that their companies follow all the values associated with technological and innovative tendencies.

BMW I8 Futurism Edition was manufactured in a one copy photo

BMW I8 Futurism Edition was manufactured in a one copy photo

BMW i8 has got two tuning versions

June 1, 2015 at 19:01

Popular in the narrow circles of the European Agency tuning German Special Custom hath revealed his version of BMW i8. As a result, she was named GSC BMW i8 iTRON. The developers decided to resort to the improvement of the exterior of the machine, update all the bumpers and side skirts. Too narrow tires BMW i8 were replaced by more solid “rubber”.
Due to the fact that the new version was BMW i8 substantially modified hood (made therein vents), many motorists expected that the machine also receives and reshaped powerplant. But no “metamorphosis” in its apparently has never happened.

GSC BMW i8 iTRON picture

GSC BMW i8 iTRON pics

BMW i8 has been updated

May 30, 2015 at 18:50

BMW showed at the Geneva Motor updated version of its supercar i8. The new version of the car standard will receive an exclusive interior Carpo Carum Grey with perforated leather seats Carum Grey. Customers can also order a high-gloss black brake calipers and a leather cover of the engine.
In March 2015 hybrid sports car BMW I8 received additions in the standard equipment and new variants of interior design.

BMW i8 2015 pics

BMW i8 2015 image

BMW i8 is boldly experimenting with colors

May 12, 2015 at 18:45

BMW decision to restrict the color palette of i8 hybrid sports car in all four variants (white, silver, blue and gray), clearly relished some authorized dealers. Thus, the distributor in Abu Dhabi rolled up and covered with two compartments films bright green and yellow colors with red accents. In favor of the fact that we face in photographs the machine is not repainted, and pasted over the film, saying unusually taped sensors front park-tronic.

BMW i8 pics

BMW i8 image