BMW Car Hotspot –New from the Company!

February 25, 2013 at 09:05

Any driver simply dreams to stay online anytime, anywhere! However, the harsh realities of the cars do not give such a possibility. But this is no longer the problem of the BMW owners, as they can be the exclusive owners of a special device which takes their problems away. Through a wireless access point right on the road, the driver of BMW car can be connected all the time!

front panel with BMW Hotspot

Image of the front panel with BMW Hotspot

The AP BMW Car Hotspot allows to surf the Internet with your smartphone, tablet, iPad or laptop on the road. This is not so difficult, all that you have to do is to have your car equipped with a device with interface WLAN. External car antenna allows automatic switching between UMTS and GSM networks without disruptions to the system that provides the reliability of Internet connection with almost one hundred percent coverage. Using the access point called BMW Car Hotspot allows also to reduce the intensity of the negative impact of mobile phone signal in the cabin and extend the battery life of mobile devices. Installing the access point does not require time and effort with the active adapter in the center armrest.

usage of BMW Hotspot

Photo of the usage of BMW Hotspot

This additional equipment can be used only in conjunction with SIM-card for mobile internet or mobile phone interface SAP (SIM Access Profile). All the details can be learnt at the official dealers of the BMW cars.

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