BMW Drivers Will Be Warmed Up with the Infrared Beams

December 31, 2012 at 13:21

As the winter in its peak, and some cars stay frozen on the road – it is not the situation for the drivers of BMW cars. As the company is excellent in the costumer service, they have researched that the greatest concern of the drivers is the cold in winters. In such a way, the developers at the BMW company have changed the situation with their cars. BMW is working on a new system of heating the interior with the infrared beams.

new BMW car with the new heating system

Image of the new BMW car with the new heating system

Before the long time was devoted to the usual cabin heaters, but now all of that can be given away and make a place for the new system based on special panels that produce infrared radiation. The advantages of a new heating system may include a complete silence, as well as low fuel consumption and electricity. In such a way, the passengers will be freed from the strange noises and smells, often emitted by the cars, when they turn on the heating.

new BMW heating system

Photo of the new BMW heating system

In BMW they believe that in the future the new system will be able to adjust the temperature of each individual seat about how now it comes with heated seats. The first car to receive such panels will be concepts of electric vehicles. Later on the BMW will install the system on every car they produce.

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