BMW glasses for easy parking

March 21, 2015 at 17:46

Known automotive company BMW decided to try to create their own gadget.
Largest car company BMW is working on a new device. To be precise, the company has been developing special glasses for complementary reality. This gadget will help drivers to park.
The principle of operation points from BMW is that the lens of this unit will be transferred to the information coming from the external cameras car. With this driver of the vehicle at the time of parking will look like through the cars. The thing is that the side and rear of the car will be “invisible”.

BMW Badge picture

BMW Badge pics

These glasses are powered to be used in many other situations. For example, when driving, the new gadget will show the driver the necessary information about the speed.
They also will be able to exchange information with other cars and will be adapted to public transport. New gadget user will even out of the car. The other possibilities of “smart” glasses from BMW is not reported, all the details will be announced in the spring.

BMW glasses pics

BMW glasses picture

Points more reality BMW is going to show at the exhibition, which will be held in Shanghai in April 2015.

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