BMW i3 has got a “periscope”

June 3, 2015 at 19:06

The Swiss company Rinspeed has presented a new prototype called Budii. One of the unique features of the machine, created on the basis of the electric vehicle BMW i3, autonomous control system is implemented by means of a telescopic laser. It creates a 3D-picture of the environment, advancing from the roof up to 70 centimeters.
In addition, the evaluation of the area carried the camera with a high resolution image. Data from these devices not only allow to go on autopilot, but also to adjust the air suspension with adjustable in the range of 100 millimeters for specific road conditions.

Periscope-Equipped BMW i3 picture

Periscope-Equipped BMW i3 pics

In addition, the machine is equipped with moving the steering column. If desired, the steering wheel can be about the driver or the passenger, while the autopilot unit compactly folded in front seats. At the same time, judging by the pictures, pedals will always be the person sitting to the left.

Periscope-Equipped BMW i3 pics

Periscope-Equipped BMW i3 image

The Rinspeed noted that such a steering column gives you unlimited amount of possibilities to find a comfortable position “donut”. The direct connection between the steering wheel and the wheels is under the technology steer-by-wire from the company Paravan. It assumes that the mechanical components steering replaced by electronic equivalents. A similar scheme is used on the sedan Infiniti Q50.

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