BMW i8 has got two tuning versions

June 1, 2015 at 19:01

Popular in the narrow circles of the European Agency tuning German Special Custom hath revealed his version of BMW i8. As a result, she was named GSC BMW i8 iTRON. The developers decided to resort to the improvement of the exterior of the machine, update all the bumpers and side skirts. Too narrow tires BMW i8 were replaced by more solid “rubber”.
Due to the fact that the new version was BMW i8 substantially modified hood (made therein vents), many motorists expected that the machine also receives and reshaped powerplant. But no “metamorphosis” in its apparently has never happened.

GSC BMW i8 iTRON picture

GSC BMW i8 iTRON pics

It’s hard to say how much the new look has influenced the dynamic properties of the machine, and that without the “new things” were considered good enough. The main advantage of the new BMW i8 – it is still economical. The developers state that the new sports car on 100 km running consumes only 2.5 liters of fuel. It is worth noting that the price of cars and even by European standards is quite high. In Germany, the BMW i8 can be bought for 126 thousand euros. Obviously, “bleeding” will also contribute to an increase in the value of the “Iron Horse”, which, by the way, the Germans still have not voiced.

GSC BMW i8 iTRON pics

GSC BMW i8 iTRON image

Fully loaded model will be: light and rain sensors, the latest multimedia devices, side and curtain airbags, parking sensors, climate control.
Another version of the updated BMW i8 has been proposed Manhart – the second German tuning studio.

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