The engine of BMW M4 has got water injection system

April 30, 2015 at 14:21

Company BMW has presented updated the pace car for the upcoming season M4 series MotoGP. The engine of the machine equipped with water injection system that allows you to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption.
Water is injected into the intake manifold through the nozzle, improving the combustion process and reduces the air temperature. Because of this, it is believed to BMW, increases motor efficiency and high stability.

BMW M4 pics

BMW M4 image

The necessary supply of water is stored in five-liter containers, which is located in the trunk. Water is supplied to the engine through the pump at a pressure of ten bar and on the basis of the sensors that are controlled by the engine electronics. The volume of the liquid medium depends on the engine speed and temperature.
So, for the combat range of the track BMW recommends completely fill the water tanks. With a quiet ride company advises fill the tank every five gas tank refills.

BMW M4 picture

BMW M4 pics

German brand intends to use the technology on civilian models, but when it happens – is not known. Such a decision in the middle of the last century used some car and aviation manufacturers (eg, Saab model 99 Turbo), but the wide distribution it has not received.

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